8 Tips for a Healthy Valentine’s Day

by | Feb 3, 2020 | Emotional Pillar, Nutritional Pillar

February brings us another month filled with opportunities to kill our immune system with sugar. So what can we do to enjoy Valentine’s Day without hurting our health?

I’ve culled together eight tips anyone can use to make this a special day and truly LOVE yourself and others.

1 Heart-shaped fruits. Use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to cut a watermelon into heart-shaped bite-size pieces. You can also cut strawberries and red peppers with a knife to form a heart shape without the special tool! Fruit is great for classroom parties, lunchboxes, or even a sweet treat for your sweetheart.

2 Hand-crafted gifts are life-giving compared to food-dye infused candy. If your kiddo needs to bring something to the class party, why not some fun crafted items the kids can actually use? And you can work together to create them! Try this list of ideas I found here.

Make the kids a special pink breakfast smoothie like this one before they head out the door for school! It fills them with love through nutrition for their bodies and love through your time and effort. They don’t have to know easy it was to make (wink wink).

Do a family outing! Valentine’s Day has no rules! It doesn’t have to be about romantic love. Decide to celebrate your family’s love for one another with a day trip excursion, a visit to a favorite local spot, a movie night, or whatever your family loves to do together.

Spread love through charity! Instead of spending your money on an evening out, donate the same amount to your favorite service organization. Helping others in need is a fantastic way to celebrate the day of love.

Volunteer. Volunteering isn’t only worthwhile at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Help is needed year-round! Look for ways to serve your community for a day. That kind of love and kindness lasts long past the end of February!

Take a day for self-care. Self-love is vital, pouring into yourself before you can pour into others. Schedule yourself a spa treatment, buy that new item you were eyeing, feed yourself a delicious, nutritious meal. I highly recommend taking some quiet time to journal and be still. And then do it again before next Valentine’s Day!

Serve dinner! Sometimes it’s easier and more romantic to STAY HOME. Whether you’re feeding the whole family dinner with love or cooking with your Valentine, try these meal ideas. These recipes aren’t diet-specific, but they easily convert to your preferred style.
Let’s go over how to convert these to a healthier dish:
Skillet Chicken with Brussel Sprouts and Apples (Use 1 tbsp of olive oil instead of canola oil. You can also use coconut sugar in place of the brown sugar.)
Slow Cooker Red Wine Beef Stew (Instead of all-purpose flour, use 3 tbsp of almond flour instead.)
Maple-Roasted Chicken Quarters Dinner for Two (this one is good to go as is!)

Whatever you choose to do for Valentine’s Day, I hope you feel loved and appreciated. You deserve it!

Looking for more wellness tips? Check out my other blog posts, videos and recipes!

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