Alcohol and the Clean Diet

by | Jun 15, 2019 | Nutritional Pillar

Ahhh summertime! What pairs well with a hot summer day, working outside, and coming in all sweaty? Beer! You thought I was going to say ice water, didn’t you? Haha, I’m full of great surprises! But alas most beer is off the list for us!

I am asked often about alcohol once we begin to clean up our diets and lifestyles, many fear it’s going to be on the no list, but I have some exciting news for you: we have options!

As we know from other areas in our lives…food, cosmetics, cleaners, etc…harmful chemicals have been sneaking in. Alcohol is no different, which is why it is extremely important to select organic options. Grapes, apples, and grains that alcohol is made from are highly pesticide-treated crops, so organic is key if we are going to avoid drinking glyphosate.

Below are some excellent options for us to still enjoy a drink or two on that hot summer day…

Beer– Some ciders are options for replacements, but the sugar content can be high and too sweet, so just watch that. Those without celiac or another autoimmune disease may be able to enjoy organic beer. Gluten-free beer is available, but if it’s not organic, I urge you to exercise caution as the corn or other grains used are often soaked in glyphosate and present a whole different set of issues.

Wine– Keep it organic or from a country that doesn’t allow the harmful pesticides that we do in the U.S. We love New Zealand’s growing practices, and their wines are usually a great option.

GinPrairie brand makes a great organic gin. Enjoy with sparkling mineral water and a squeeze of lime.

VodkaPrairie and Oceans have excellent organic options. We all know how versatile vodka is. If you are someone who misses those sweet, fruity mixed vodka drinks, enjoy your vodka with a fresh-squeezed splash of your favorite juice and sparkling mineral water with fresh mint.

Whiskey and bourbonFour Roses makes organic options and is a personal favorite. If you once drank whiskey and coke, keep avoiding the coke…your body will thank you. 

We now know there are some health benefits to drinking small amounts of alcohol and even some digestive stimulation in after-dinner drinks that can benefit our health. 

Please remember, do not drink to excess, do not drive after drinking, and if you have any concerns about alcohol consumption and drinking too much, please reach out. I’ve worked with countless patients on addiction and have wonderful resources to support you. What many people do not know is that alcoholism can be drastically improved and eased when blood sugar imbalances are addressed. I’m here for you! 

Like with everything else in our diets and lives, alcohol is important to clean up, but as you can see, we have great options! 

And if any of these alcohol companies want to send me some samples, I am open and ready to receive. *wink*

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