All About Men’s Libido

by | Feb 7, 2022 | Effects on Men

For people of all genders, a loss of libido can be an indication of where they are with regard to their health. Understanding the libido of men can sometimes seem confusing to women—some may wonder if a man could ever lose his libido, while others may have a male partner who is definitely showing signs of loss. No matter what the person’s gender, hormones are often at play when there are issues with libido. If your hormone levels are imbalanced or unhealthy, your libido can suffer as a result. So, what causes a man to lose his libido, and how can we take control of our hormones to repair the situation?

What Causes a Loss of Libido in Men?

If someone has lost their libido, it indicates that they’ve lost some of their health and vitality. It means that it is likely that their insulin is too high, that their adrenal glands are working overtime, and that, hormonally, they may be estrogen dominant. Men can be estrogen dominant just like women can. This is usually apparent by a bit of weight gain around their middle and their chest, as well as a loss of arousal—particularly the tell-tale arousal in the morning. Usually, this hormonal imbalance and loss of vitality can be attributed to a man’s diet. As we know, the main hormone receptors are in the gut, so gut health is incredibly important in controlling hormones.

How to Control Your Hormones and Get Your Libido Back

If you’ve lost your libido as a man, it can be regained by some lifestyle and diet changes that allow you to take back control of your hormones. It all starts with diet: taking in real, whole foods and avoiding sugars and gluten is always going to be a surefire way to get your diet on track. We’re now seeing that the new American-grown wheat is calcifying the pituitary gland, which in turn disrupts a lot of the hormonal processes for men. Thus, it’s important to stop all wheat and gluten if you’ve lost your libido and are looking to regain it. Ditching gluten and dropping extra weight can decrease your insulin levels and increase your adrenals—both great ways to bring back your health, vitality, and your morning arousal. You can also take Symplex M which is a great all-around male hormonal support supplement, and if you need more direct hormonal support we can jump on a quick phone consult and see if Mediherb’s Tribulus would help. This is the only herb and the only brand that I recommend to men looking to boost testosterone. It helps regain muscle mass, assists in restoring your ability to achieve a morning erection, and it’s much safer to use than synthetic, injectable hormones.

What’s the Bottom Line?
There are a few things to take away here. For men who have lost their libido, here’s what you need to know. 1. You need to change up your diet in order to regain hormonal balance. 2. You need to increase your Symplex M and Tribulus—but only use MediHerb! 3. Understand that while it may be uncomfortable and frustrating, getting your libido back is a process that can be successful. So don’t give up, even if you’re experiencing a loss of libido!

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