Allergies: Have you been told you have them?

by | Mar 2, 2021 | Environmental Pillar, Nutritional Pillar

Hello, hello! Have you been told you have allergies? Have you been told there is nothing you can do? Well, I’m here to tell you that’s wrong!  Let me explain why with just two of my four pillars of health.


Environment – Most allergies are brought in by poor indoor air quality. This happens when we bring in the stinky reeds with oils, wall plug-ins, candles that are made with soy and fragrance and so much more. All of these man-made scents and chemicals, irritate the mucus membranes, which creates more mucus and allows junk to get trapped. The same can be said with your bathroom or laundry room. You need to check your detergent, soaps, and dryer sheets, If you haven’t done this before I can almost bet you (and win) that they contain harsh synthetics that are creating irritation, which requires more mucus to sooth. I call cleaning out all of the above, Ditch & Switch. Taking harmful products for your system and replacing them with clean and natural products. Here is a link to some of my favorite products from Young Living.

Nutrition  – Did you know that casein is a component of milk that is also an ingredient in Elmer’s Glue? That means every time you take a sip of milk, you are essentially shooting glue up your nose which catches pathogens, dust and ultimately makes you more allergic. In addition, I recommend eliminating sugar, insulin, and wheat. All three of these ingredients will amplify allergic-type reactions. Need help with cleaning up your diet? Check out this course here.

My point being today, there is nothing in your health that you can’t help and improve with a little bit of time and attention.

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