Alternative Treatments for Allergies You Should Try

by | Jun 24, 2020 | Structural Pillar

Allergy sufferers! Look here for some deep healing to get rid of those allergies without problematic methods!


Today, we’re going to talk about allergies, because a lot of people have them. We, our kids, our animals… everybody seems to have something. “I’m allergic to something.”

And the first thing that I’m going to tell you is you have a liver, gallbladder overwhelm. That’s it.


So now, the next question is, what’s overwhelming the liver and the gallbladder? Well, we’ve got to look at your environment, and we’ve got to look at your foods for those two things.

So first and foremost, have you gotten rid of milk, cheese, dairy products, ice cream, yogurt? Have you eliminated those? Have you eliminated those for at least three months?

Step two, have you eliminated corn and wheat? Because these are inflammation-makers. If we become inflamed here (points to sinuses), we become inflamed here or here (points to chest and lungs), we’re going to have allergies.

Supporting our Liver and Gallbladder

Then the next thing we want to look at is, have we supported our liver and our gallbladder? Are we also going to the bathroom every day? And that’s the poops.

Are we using our body’s elimination processes in a manner which supports up here (points to sinuses)? Because I talk a lot about – this is the drain (lymph system), it got clogged here (liver) or here (gallbladder), we got to make sure it goes all the way out.

So a lot of times, there are some misconceptions about how often do we have to go to the bathroom, and it should be two to three times a day. If you eat, there should be elimination. And if you’re not doing that, then all of those toxins are going to build up and cause lots of problems.

Other Tips

We’ve got to look at your belief systems. Do you believe you’re going to have allergies for the rest of your life? Because you’re right.

Or do you believe that maybe I could learn something different, take care of myself differently, and, therefore, these allergies would go away?

And those are the ones I want to talk to, the ones that believe there can be something different.

Another really helpful thing is you could do some shots of apple cider vinegar. You could do some fermented foods. These help to bring the gut back into balance, help to support the liver and the gallbladder, and get that stuff out.

So just a couple tips and tricks to make your system work a little bit better so that you do not have to spend the rest of your life having allergies. Talk to you soon.

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