Are Amber Necklaces a Jewelry Accessory or Is There More?

by | Mar 14, 2022 | Environmental Pillar, Nutritional Pillar

I see more amber necklaces on toddlers than I did 20 years ago when my toddlers were wearing them, in fact, I had no clue about them and Oh did I need them! I am often asked, “are they just a cute jewelry accessory or is there more to them?”. More, so much more!! I think they are a fantastic way to support children’s bodies, and here’s why.

Back in ancient times, in Asia they called amber, “the eye of the tiger,” and it was given as a stone of protection or courage. Ancient wisdom was on to something, as usual. As we have continued on, more and more people love wearing amber as jewelry. It is a stone for Leos, so of course, I love that, and it is also good for Aquarius signs. It can give courage and stability to both.

But why wear it for teething? That’s a little different…and a little odd.

Amber is the resin of pine trees. The largest vein is found near the baltic sea, so that’s why it’s called baltic amber. Resin is what the tree produces as a means to heal and protect itself. When we wear it on our skin, it warms up and releases a succinic acid. The theory behind this is that succinic acid gets into our systems and is actually anti-inflammatory and a pain killer, which is fabulous for growing and teething. The beauty of an amber necklace for a child is that they can always wear it and have ongoing, safe relief.

It is important to consider the quality of amber. You can actually take your fingernail and rub it against the stone, and if it leaves a scratch in the amber, it’s fake—don’t get that one. Real amber won’t show any sign of indention. If we are looking for children, we want to make sure that it has a clasp that will break safely to prevent any choking or getting caught. I did the research on this the entire time (decades) that we have seen amber necklaces around, and we have only seen one infant death. They are extraordinarily safe compared to many other common anti-inflammatories and pain-relieving products out there.

Very low risk with a very high benefit makes amber necklaces a good accessory for children. The bottom line, get yourself an amber necklace. Put it on your kid. Enjoy it!

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