Are You a Starter or a Finisher?

by | Dec 28, 2021 | Environmental Pillar

If you are someone who loves to check out their personality traits, then I have a new one for you. Are you a starter or a finisher? This question is really insightful as it not only helps to know ourselves better but also pushes us to become better.

A starter is somebody who loves new projects and new ideas but has a hard time finishing them. At the same time, a finisher has difficulty initiating projects.

Many times I will see both types beating themselves up for either not being able to finish something or just not being able to pull all the steps together to actually start. Many times when I point out the starter or finisher trait, insight into how you operate is the key to success.

So let’s say you are a starter, in the beginning when you are super excited about this new project- can you go ahead and list out ALL the action steps needed to complete the project? Then can you hire any of the finishing work out? Can you have a friend hold you accountable? Can you schedule the steps out and hold yourself to those deadlines?

And if you are a finisher, talk to me… I hire this position all the time, HAHA! Many times it’s your perfectionist viewpoint that gets in the way. Adopt the saying “Done is better than perfectly not done”. Or maybe just large projects and the chaos that begins them is overwhelming to you. So in this case, is there a friend that could help you talk it out? Can you start with the end? List out the completed project and then maybe walk backward through each step until you are at the beginning.

Learning how to use your strengths and manage your weaknesses is key and sometimes this just begins with the right decision about how you manage this life dream you are going after!

Want some more hints on success? Especially as we go into the New Year and many of us are writing our New Year’s Resolutions, of which studies show 92 percent fail, let’s start with what brings you JOY and HAPPINESS! Studies suggest that people who have fun are 43 percent more successful than those who do not. This makes sense- so many times when we write these projects, goals, and resolutions, we do so from a place of duty, shame, or anger, and who wants to get up every morning feeling like that? Or we beat ourselves up by saying “I never finish or can’t get started”. Let’s change the brain’s narrative, since beating ourselves up hasn’t worked so far. Let’s acknowledge what we do well, and let’s make these goals fun and exciting! Write them out and ask “How can I make each of these steps more fun?” or hey sometimes they just aren’t, but they are integral to finishing. So what reward am I going to give myself to finish or to get started?

This season let’s give ourselves the gift of done. Remember to embrace your imperfections and make your goals fun! No matter which personality you are, it is important to have insight into who you are. That way, you know how to finish the projects you start and start the projects you know how to finish.

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