At What Cost

by | Nov 28, 2022 | Nutritional Pillar

Conversations with my children constantly remind me to think differently about conversations I share with all my patients. My son is now fifteen and is starting to take some pride in his manly stance. As he matures and his friends mature, he’s decided he wants to be in the gym. And as I have taught all my children to do, he did his research to find the “best” way to obtain the perfect look that he wants… Well, that “best way” that he brought me was creatine. Now, this heightens your ATP, giving you more energy during your workout and filling your muscles with water to give the appearance of strength… to young boys. These “gains” are quite significant to them! We sat down and researched, tracing all the ingredients from the creatine on the markets, and unfortunately, those ingredients led back to plant fertilizer. And we talked about why pure ingredients matter to your body and how the chemicals are unsuitable for growing boys. And he looked at me like all my children have and said, “Mom, I don’t understand why it all has to be about my health! It’s just a workout powder!”

And this is what kickstarted the thoughts… How many of my patients have the mindset of “well, it’s just one soda” or “it’s just one more day”? No one weighs the cost! Health isn’t lost in one day with one bad meal. It is taken from us slowly, over time, with every small decision regarding everything we eat, drink, put on our skin, and in our homes. Our bodies absorb all the toxins we grow up with. And I’ve realized with my teenagers that this generation of children born in 2000 and on have no healthy reserves of nutrients. As we, the parents, grew up, food changed slowly over time, and we as adults have had a birds-eye view of the influx of all the chemically laden foods. Children’s bodies and brains have never had any concept of health – that’s why they must be educated and fed as well as we can. We are seeing more and more children under 18 starting to present health issues that usually wouldn’t show until the late 60s and 70s.

For this reason, I teach the Four Pillars of Health. We are a comprehensive body system. There is so much more going on in our bodies, but we are not taught this. It is essential to realize that your structure, emotions, environment, and nutrition all interact with your health – especially with children who do not have the health reserves that most adults have. So to my son, “it’s just a creatine powder,” but what he doesn’t realize… He is doing a hard workout, putting stress on his muscles and joints but boosting his serotonin. Now, if he is supplementing with chemicals, his muscles and joints will pull regenerative nutrients out of his reserves and brain, which is fine… But because of his poor diet, his reserves don’t provide the nutrients that he needs resulting in unnecessary joint pain and more intense soreness, on top of an emotional crash because he didn’t have the backups he required. Then, he sleeps without eating a solid meal because he’s now grumpy… And the following day, when he wakes up, he will not feel refreshed, affecting his mood all day. Sugar for breakfast spikes his glucose resulting in a midday crash. Toxic deodorant then gives him a headache and not allowing his body to detox the fertilizer within the creatine. I can go on! Do you see how each little thing you interact with, eat, watch/hear, and drink affects much more than you think? 

I love helping people reclaim their lives! I have built my practice around the education of little choices adding up to overall health. Choosing better ingredients, better surroundings, fewer environmental toxins, and standing up for what you believe in – you buy back your life every day. So, while it might be “just one cheat day,” it costs you double the time you spent healing your gut, brain, and immune system. Please reach out if you’re struggling with where to go from this point. I’d love to help you take charge. It’s time to choose better; choose more.

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