Breast Health Hazard

by | May 16, 2022 | Environmental Pillar, Structural Pillar

Ladies, I need to make sure I keep you abreast of important tidbits of information that can make a large impact on your health! We need to talk about our breasts, the girls or sisters as I call them! Sadly, breasts get a bad reputation for “making us sick”, but that is the opposite of what they are doing. Breasts are made of fatty tissues, and they capture and hold the junk that we eat and are exposed to. They are actually protecting us! They are here on our chests to help us, and we need to return the favor.

One of the biggest hazards I observe in my practice and out in the world is women storing their cell phones on their chests, inside of their bras. Cell phones are emitting energy, and while we still do not yet fully understand the impacts and ramifications of all that is being emitted from them, we need to exercise caution in where we keep them in relation to our bodies. I often find that patients struggling with heart palpitations and/or anxiety store their cell phones on their chests and find some relief when they break that habit.

Another hazardous place we often keep phones is in our pockets…right next to our ovaries. We do not need to have the unknowns of cell phone energy near our most vulnerable parts. We know cell phones are putting off energy, and we really need to re-think where we are storing them.

We must put our phones down. We don’t have to carry them everywhere, and when we do need them, keeping them in a purse, not right on our body is ideal. We also have a few product recommendations for reducing the negative energetic exchange between our cell phones and our bodies for you to check out…

  1. Harmoni Pendant- These pendants are designed to reduce the stress and impact of the electromagnetic fields (EMF) we are exposed to on a daily basis. EMFs disrupt static or “dirty” electricity and block the communication of our cells. Symptoms of high EMF exposure can look like headaches, nausea, difficulty concentrating, blurry vision, etc. Everyone responds differently, but we are exposed to EMFs almost constantly through our cell phones, computers, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc. We have to become resilient to EMFs in order to keep our cells healthy and communicating well. Studies have shown that this pendant helps support the body’s ability to manage the stress and negative impact of EMFs. You can read more on their website and purchase here. 
  2. Trifield EMF Meter- This is an excellent tool that gives you the ability to measure the EMF exposure you are getting. Similar to tracking our sugar intake, this gives a realistic picture of what your body is up against on a regular basis and can help you limit and reduce your EMF exposure. This is my top pick for EMF meters here.
  3. Essential oils. The only company I recommend is Young Living, as I have been to several of their farms and seen with my own eyes their standards for growing, harvesting, distilling, testing, and bottling the purest oils. The 3 essential oils I recommend to wear on your body and diffuse in your office and/or workspace are Northern Lights Black Spruce, Sacred Frankincense, and Rose. You can get them here.
  4. Defender Shield – This company is committed to creating products to help protect us from the harmful impact of EMFs. They have blankets, purses, cell phone cases, etc. Check them out and incorporate more protection in your daily life here.
  5. Jade Gua Sha Scraper- Originating in eastern Asia over 700 years ago, this stone, when smoothed over the skin can support the body’s ability to detox and improve blood flow. It’s a great side-effect-free way to give your body some extra love for all of the protection it’s doing on your behalf day in and day out. Here is my favoriteOne simple change you can commit to today is to stop putting your cell phone on your breasts. This is something we can all do and share with our other fellow breast-bearers. Incorporating some of the above tools to further protect and support your body is also a simple change that can have big benefits.

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