Challenging period myths and assumptions can lead to a happy, healthy cycle!

by | Aug 19, 2020 | Structural Pillar

Looking for a new perspective on your period? Write yourself a new story!

Hello, hello.

Today, we are going to talk about periods. And this one, I need you just to kind of sit back, chuckle, and think back to yourself, who is the first person that talked to you about this?

Did your mom, did your grandma, did your aunt? Did you learn about this from the kids in the locker room? Who really sat and had a conversation with you, and what was that conversation?

Was it a blessing? Was it, congratulations, you made it to womanhood? Or was it like, oh, it’s a curse. You’re going to be in pain for the rest of your life. It’s awful.

Change the Conversation

These are important conversations that we need to start shifting with our young girls, because having a cycle is this glorious moment that kind of escorts us into womanhood. I like to think of it as a celebration, and a lot of times, moms will bring their girls into me so that I can kind of have that talk with them. So I can help them frame what’s going to come next. And anytime they kind of come in and say, “like, I’ve started my period,” I’m like, “yes, celebration time!”

Period Realities

But let’s talk about the realities of that. Sometimes there’s a lot of cramping. Sometimes there’s a lot of pain. And a lot of times, it’s because of the products that you have been taught to use, and we just instantly grab that product and continue on.

But tampons are the number one reason why women cramp. There are so many great options right now, and I want to talk about some of those.

Support Options

For the first time ever, we have organic products that we can use, like organic pads and tampons. Those are expensive, so I really recommend looking at the menstrual cups. And there’s many of them to choose from.

So, some ways that you can start ruling out good ones and bad ones. Are they a particular color? Because they don’t need to be a color. We’re putting something, again, artificial in our most absorbent portion of our body. They need to be BPA-free. So those are going to be two things that you can look at and eliminate immediately when you see the plethora of choices you have there.

And then some women are very uncomfortable, and maybe they don’t fit, maybe there are some childbirth issues, and so they don’t feel comfortable with the cup. Now, we’ve got mama cloths that are actually recyclable. Just multiple, multiple choices that you can use during your cycle time.

Diet Changes

Now, fascinatingly enough, when we start to really encompass our diet changes (our eating changes, reducing our insulin), what we see happen is that a woman’s cycle will get shorter. Shorter and lighter, because the body doesn’t have to dump as many toxins.

That is one of the things that the cycle is designed to do. Get rid of that monthly blood, but also to eliminate certain toxins. So, as you get healthier, there are less toxins to get rid of, therefore, you’re going to have a cycle that is less and less.

I look forward to hearing from you on how you’ve improved your cycle. Celebrate your cycle!

We’ll talk to you all soon. Bye-bye.

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