Dr. Jessica’s Birthday Month

by | Aug 2, 2021 | Emotional Pillar

 It is my birthday month and I want to celebrate with a story from my past!

I remember when I was growing up, my grandmother always told me she was 39 years old. I believed it until my mom turned 39. So that year at her birthday, I was going to call her out. I said grandma, “How old are you? when she said 39, I laughed and said LIAR!!!!  Mom is 39, how are you the same age?”
She put her fork down and with complete seriousness said, “I cannot help that your mother has chosen to get older. I, however, have not.”  This was genius.
She told me she never worried about the year, we all age, but growing older was a choice. She didn’t want to lose that feeling of feeling young. To her, joy, happiness, and life satisfaction were highest in her late 30s. So, she created a lifestyle that fit the feeling she wanted to keep.
With that said, we have all of this predetermined garbage in our brain of what we should be like at each stage of life. When I started looking at mine, I knew I wanted to feel young, act young, be silly, and have an incredible mind. As long as I had those, it really didn’t matter what the year said, because I had my youth.
This thought pattern is what I want to focus on creating with you.  If your image of aging brings you fear, unhappiness or sadness let’s replace it. Find pictures and movies of women who are 60, 70, 80 90+ who are happy, healthy, and look incredible, who are strong and still living to their fullest potential. Look at these photos and start replacing what you have with these new images and stories of growing older. It becomes so exciting when you’re looking forward to becoming that one day.
It’s all about how you love yourself at every age, improve what doesn’t bring you joy, and continuously move the bar to a healthier you. Enjoy your time and create the age you want to live into next.

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