Drugging Your Pets?

by | Dec 6, 2022 | Nutritional Pillar

Are you drugging your pets without looking at other solutions? Did you even know there were other solutions? Some states bar their Vets from suggesting natural solutions when there is an established medication that could be used instead, which is a sad and scary state of affairs.

Based on the last study I read, 80% of vets recommend home pets be placed on anti-depressants and anxiety medications! Knowing what I do about how the body systems work makes it so hard to get behind this! There are many ways to take care of these episodes for your pets without drugs. First off, Pets will be reflections of things happening inside the home! Typically when we have overweight pets, we have heavy owners. Anxious dogs reflect off their worried owners. Like humans, these issues almost always go back to the pets’ food, drinking water, and missing minerals.

Let me explain! When we look into pet food, the ingredients are just terrible. Animals rejected for human consumption, road kill, euthanized or diseased animals or pets, slaughterhouse waste, and expired meat from supermarkets are just some of the “meat” you find in pet bags. Then there are grains (wheat, soy, or corn fillers) that no dog or cat has ever been accused of eating! Then you have the pesticides, insecticides, antibiotics, growth hormones, and other poisons we put into our farm animals. Day after day, 365 days out of the year, it’s no surprise our animals are anxious and sick (so are we with the same food).

It is wild how quickly pets will get healthy when given real food. Yes, cook extra for them or investigate raw meals or grain-free foods. I hear you now…” But my vet said not to feed them tables scaps; it makes them fat.” I’ve always said, “if our dogs can’t eat our table scraps, why are we eating them? But that works both ways! Why are we okay with giving our dogs ingredients or foods we wouldn’t eat? Go through your dog food ingredients and google them. Would you serve those things at your table? To your children?

Now let’s jump into the water your pets drink! With all the chemicals, toxins, and medications in tap water, why are we giving our pets unfiltered water when we don’t drink that? The minerals and salts that allow water to hydrate you, which used to be in the water, are no longer there due to massive purification. So we have non-hydrating water and fillers in foods that tend to dehydrate animals, both leading to kidney and other health issues quickly.

Without healthy nutrients, our pets cannot create hormones and brain chemicals such as serotonin, cortisol, dopamine, and more. Is this starting to sound familiar to what I say about humans? If you are struggling with your pet, try feeding them as you provide yourself.

When I had my farm, we had chickens, dogs, horses, rabbits, guinea, and cats. From all those years, I learned a plethora of information on how to take care of your animals in the best possible way… and if I didn’t have the animal, I was probably asked to help with one someone else had! Like humans, pets need real food. Their bodies require sunlight, exercise, nutrients, good water, and happiness to thrive. I’ve even been known to make my dogs a plate of everything I’m having for dinner! Yes, that includes the vegetables. Vegetables and proteins are so good for your dogs! Plus, I salt their food and water with Redmond’s Real salt to help with their mineral balance.

Natural supplements have been game changer for my furbabies – I love using Standard Process when they need some extra support. Another thing I recommend is EpiMatter! You can put it in their food or their water to help support their brain and moods. We have seen phenomenal results with mood stabilization in pets so far.

Scheudle a Phone Consult if you’re looking for ways to improve your pets’ health. I’d love to help.

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