Exchange Energy Through Movement and Touch

by | Sep 8, 2021 | Structural Pillar

Hello, hello!

September is Mental Health Awareness Month, and I am going to break this topic down each week using my Four Pillars of Health. Today, we’re talking about Structure and why getting your body moving is going to have an impact on your health.

There was a published study years ago on depression. Three groups were studied, one was exercising only, the second group was exercising and using prescription medications, and the third group just using prescription medications.

At 6 months they stopped the experiment and evaluated progress then followed back up again in another 6 months. The group that did best across all measured markers? The exercise-only group. I think this is for a variety of reasons. One is that joy and happiness require more energy than apathy and depression, and there are also personalities that need to get out and move to process. So now you have some that can’t think without movement and others who have to have movement to create the energy to think. So the bottom line is whether you are doing yoga, walking, running, gym activity, or jumping rope… whatever it is, movement needs to be the first thing you do.

The structural component is never complete without a great recommendation for consistent chiropractic care. Even before I incorporated nutrition and emotions into my practice, I had 100’s of patients find differences in their emotional states with consistent adjustments. I encourage you to get a great chiropractor on your wellness team.

Lastly, make sure you’re getting non-sexual touch. We understand that when babies are left alone and never touched, they can die. So why does that change as adults? HINT… it doesn’t. We still need touch or hugs. Whether that’s a massage or hugs from your family, make sure you’re getting some really good touchpoints. We actually exchange energy when we embrace, and sometimes, we just need a fresh boost.

The next time we meet, let’s talk about the Environmental Pillar.

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