Give Yourself the Gift of Health

by | Nov 29, 2021 | Nutritional Pillar

One thing that consistently amazes me is how many young adults feel terrible, but then think that is the way an adult feels and accepts it as normal.  They have never known anything else but pain, headaches, upset stomachs, exhaustion, depression, anxiety, and many other physical or emotional complaints.

One of the first steps I take is cleaning up food.  Why? Well, 50% of non-diagnosed Celiac patients’ first symptom is psychiatric in nature, followed by skin rashes, fatigue, bone, and joint pain.  Then you have Non-Celiac Gluten sensitivity (NCGS) which has skin rashes, fatigue, bone, headaches, joint pain, and non-celiac gluten psychosis. So no matter if you are celiac or not, one of the fastest ways you can change your health is the removal of all wheat.  And not just for a week or two – studies now show that the saliva from someone eating gluten and then kissing you can infect you for up to 6 months. So there is no cheating.

If you need help with this, let’s either do a phone consult or you can jump over and purchase my 90 Days to Clean Eating, which includes recipes, pantry swaps, shopping lists, and so much more!

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