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Did you know the heart is muscular, electrical and important to your emotions? We find often times, if someone has heart issues there is some form of emotional trauma attached to it. Today we’re going to dive a bit deeper and talk about heart health and and how to how to care for it from my 4 Pillars Of Health’s perspective. Watch my latest video below!

  • Structure – Do you have a good chiropractor? If not, you need one. Regular chiropractic care helps to relieve stress on the nervous system and ultimately helps your heart function optimally.
  • Nutrition – What types of food are you consuming? High amounts of sugar can weaken ligaments in the heart. Instead, focus on getting your regular doses of vitamin d, vitamin c and calcium. I also love kale, spinach, clean organic meats and good healthy fats like grass fed butter!
  • Emotional – Picture your heart as a flower, close your eyes and focus on connecting with it – you’ll thank me later.

Here are a few additional things you can do to support your heart heart:

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