Homeopathic remedies and prevention for the 2020 flu season

by | Oct 13, 2020 | Nutritional Pillar

Looking to stay healthy the natural way this flu season? Look no further! I’ve got tips for prevention and support!

Calcium Lactate

Hello, hello.

The flu. Do you have it? Did you catch it? Are you trying to prevent it? Does somebody you love have it?

All those are a great reason to watch this video because we’re going to talk about some different ways of looking at the flu. Number one, flu usually shows up in the winter months, or what I call the sugar-filled months, starts in October when we have Halloween, then we have Thanksgiving. We have Christmas treats, then we have January treats, and we have Valentine’s treats, and then we have Easter treats, and then magically, the flu disappears.


So, is it the sugar, which by the way, can deaden your immune system for up to 12 hours, which allows the virus, bacteria – and all the other things that make us sick – to gain ground?

So, that’s one thing that we could do is really pay attention to how many sugars are going into you and your child’s diet. So, you should be under 40 grams a day. Your child should be under 20 grams a day. So that’s first level prevention.

Homeopathic remedies

So, let’s say you’re not feeling so great, and we think we may have it. There’s a great homeopathic that is a long, hard word to pronounce, but it is Oscillococcinum. I had to write it down because I’ve been saying it wrong for a whole lot of time. So I’ve always called it a Oscilliom. So, whatever you want to call, it is perfectly fine. It is a great homeopathic remedy that can help you and your children get the flu out of your system very very quickly. It’s been actually shown to help get rid of it in 24 hours or less.

Then, we have two other really great remedies and also preventatives. One of those is vitamin D. When we look at vitamin D levels in the bloodstream– and those are measurable blood tests that I always recommend, and we can put a link if you want to find out your or your family member’s. And medically, they are very, very happy if you have over 30 IUs. What we want – in our kind of health world – is we want to have between 60 and 80.


What research has shown is that when your blood levels are above 60, you’re actually immune to all viruses, not just for flu, all of them. So doing this every day preventatively giving you giving your child vitamin D is one way that we can help elevate your immune system. The other one is calcium lactate, a ton of research on how calcium in the bloodstream helps us to fight off, survive viral infections very, very easily.

So let’s say you are down for the count.

Let’s look at some Epsom salt baths. Let’s look at chicken broth. Let’s look at some supportive ways, the Oscillococcinum, that you can help support and shed this very, very quickly. Talk to you soon. Buh-bye.

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