How to get your entire household eating cleaner

by | Oct 1, 2020 | Nutritional Pillar

Your personality type plays a role in getting your entire household eating cleaner. Hear my advice on getting everyone from toddlers to teens on board!

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Hello, hello.

Today, we are going to talk about something that is going to make a couple of you uncomfortable. It’s really based upon your personality styles.

This is a topic that I talk about all the time when I first get to know a patient. I find out what personality they are, so that helps me to deliver information in a manner that they can understand. It also helps me to give them solutions that they can do.

So for those of you out there that are people pleasers, this one is going to be the hardest one if you are the one saying, we’re going to make a diet change, and you get some pushback from somebody else in your family. Because you’ve got to stand up for yourself.

Making lasting impressions

Now in my case, I am a strong, dominant, and when I said, we are going to make diet changes, everybody goes, yes, ma’am. That’s just a difference in personality, right?

So when we start looking at food changes, and these aren’t just diets and fads, these are lifestyle changes that we must express in our children because we really only have a short period of time. Even though I know 18 years seems long, it’s not. It’s such a short period of time. We must impress upon them how to stay healthy once they leave our homes. All righty.

So, if you have toddlers, this is super simple. Just stop buying the stuff. We’re going to have a whole other video for toddlers (add link) and how to feed them. But then as we get older, a lot of times, parents will tell me, well, my child won’t eat that. Well, my response back is, your child won’t go more than two days without eating.

Make changes across the board

So let’s start looking at some hard facts that make your life easier in the long run, instead of making it easy every day, but in reality, it’s really, really hard. So, in our house, when we had to do massive diet changes for our second child, everybody in the house agreed to make them.

It wasn’t that we made one meal for her and the rest of us just ate the stuff. It was, no, we all made the changes.

So, that’s one of the things that I express to all of the parents is, get behind each other, support each other, make changes across the board. Because I can promise you if your child’s having a health crisis, or you’re having a health crisis, food plays a part in it, and there are other health crises going on that maybe you haven’t attached to food yet.

First step to healthy

So when you start making these changes, you’re going to see everybody in the house get healthier. Which means the harmony of that house is going to get better, and that means your life is going to be so much easier.

So that’s the first step. Make sure that everybody is on board, and here’s the funny part about it.

Sometimes people will come in and say, well, my 13 or my 14-year-old only will eat this, and my response back is, really? Are they buying the groceries? So those are where, again, people-pleasers have a really hard time with this. And I’m going to invite you to pretend you’re me, just for a little bit.

Stop buying the stuff that’s making you and the kids sick. And if nobody else in the family is supporting you, then ultimately, you have to do you.

You make sure you eat in a manner that supports you. You make sure that you get healthier so that you can handle all the things. Do not let other people’s opinions decide to keep you sick. And that’s my final answer on that one. Talk to you guys soon.

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