How your Body Develops Anxiety (and what you can do to stop it)

by | May 13, 2020 | Emotional Pillar

Are you struggling with anxiety? Learn why and what you can do to begin healing.

If this video spoke to you, let’s look at some solutions to get you where you want to be wellness-wise:

Hello, hello.

Today, we are going to talk about anxiety. And to really understand anxiety, I’m going to take you on a trip up to your brain.

You’ve got two portions of your brain. You have the limbic portion, which is only concerned about your safety, and it relies on the five senses to determine that. And then we have the frontal portion of your brain that takes all of the stimuli that your body gives it, and determines and creates an action plan.

So, if the body is stimulated, if the limbic is stimulated, ‘danger, danger, Will Robinson,’ it will send a message to the frontal brain and say, what do we have? Do we need to run? Do we need to sleep? Do we need a faint? Fainting goats. Do we need to fight? What do we need to do? And then, the frontal will evaluate and send a message back.

Toxins Wreak Havoc

Now, here’s where it can be a little bit complicated. Because we’re relying on the five senses, if we happen to eat a food that is either high in insulin, or has pesticides, or has some sort of toxic chemical on it, then our saliva and all the way down through our tummy, starts to ping that limbic portion of the brain: danger. But while our frontal portion has not figured that out yet, then it’s going to be like, dude, there’s no danger. Back off, we’re good.

Well, there’s like 17 trillion messages that get sent through this human body every minute, so think about that. If we’ve got something toxic on our skin, we’ve got something toxin going down here, if we’ve got something truly emotional going on out here, that limbic is getting stimulated all the time.

And since its primary job is to keep you alive, if this guy keeps telling you to calm down, there’s no danger, and this guy keeps saying tremendous danger, eventually, there’s going to be a disconnect and the limbic is going to keep you on high alert all the time.

The Stress Response

So, what does this mean? We get locked into the stress response. If we get locked into that, we tend to burn through all of our minerals very, very quickly, which leads to anxiety. We tend not to be able to sleep well. Why? Because the limbic is trying to keep us safe. Again, leads to anxiety.

We tend not to digest our food well, because we have to be calm and relaxed when we digest food. So, we get into a situation where a portion of our brain is being falsely stimulated into danger, and then we start to create and write stories that that’s anxiety, that’s depression, because that’s what we’ve been taught.

What I want to really express to you is let’s look at this differently.

Let’s start to remove the false information. Let’s start to feed the body systems that allow us to relax. And let’s choose to rewrite a different story in your brain so that we can live a different life. Talk to you soon.

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