The #1 Reason Patients See Me

by | Jan 13, 2021 | Emotional Pillar, Environmental Pillar, Nutritional Pillar, Structural Pillar

Today, I’m teaching you the #1 reason people come into my office…inflammation. Grab a notebook, your favorite cup of tea and get ready to take some notes – this one is a little longer than usual!

Want to learn more on inflammation? Check out my latest four-part series.

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Forming a Loving Relationship with Yourself

Forming a Loving Relationship with Yourself

One of the greatest things that I have done, is learn how to develop a very loving relationship with my brain. I spent many years, listening to voices that did not lead me in the direction that I wanted to go or relationships that I wanted to sustain. I needed to learn how to be loving and kind to myself so that in turn, I could be the same to others.