Is Clutter Filling Your Life and Home?

by | Sep 14, 2021 | Environmental Pillar

Hello, hello!

It is Mental Health Awareness month and our second week of applying our Four Pillars of Health. We’re going to switch this up a bit! I typically talk about ditch and switch when speaking on the environment, which is always good to do because there is so much information on environmental pollution and mental health, but today we’re going to talk about the physical environment.

There are many personality styles that the visuals of what they see affect their mood. Clutter can be horrendous to them, while others need the right colors and/or decorations to function properly in the space.

I love Marie Kondo’s tidying-up method. This is an art that has not been taught nor comes naturally to most. I can remember reading her book and thinking this is great! If it doesn’t give you love, it’s time to let it go. I find a lot of times we hold onto things because someone gave it to us, because it was expensive, or because it served a purpose at one point and we hope it will again. In reality, all it is doing is taking up space and this mindset might be causing unhappiness.

As I started going through our home I asked, “Why am I keeping this?”. I found for me, I had been holding on to things for my older children. I would call them and say, “Hey do you want this?” Only to be met by, “No, why would I want that? Throw it away.”

So, I invite you to go through your house and find out if anyone wants it. Or are you just keeping it to keep it?

Some other quick ideas to help are to paint a different color in your bedroom, clean your closet, or give things away or sell them, ultimately you have to get it out of your house. When you get rid of the dark places in the back of your closet, you get rid of the dark places in your brain.

Take this month, go through your home with a large construction tough trash bag, and fill it with the things that are weighing you down.

I hope this helps! Talk to you next week on the Emotional aspect of Mental Health.

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