Is Your Water Clean?

by | Aug 22, 2022 | Environmental Pillar, Nutritional Pillar

Hello everyone! This week let’s talk about a stranger’s Viagra in your water! Quite a statement, huh? But with the current status of tap water, you may be drinking other people’s pharmaceutical junk! The modern-day filtration system differs from state to state, but for the most part, public filtrations are just removing dust, parasites, bacteria, and viruses, not medications. That means people’s drugs go to a processing plant after our bodies filter them through our urine. On top of that, Rescue services will often dump people’s meds straight down the toilet if there is no survivability. Tap water still contains all those meds such as HRT, Viagra, birth control, cholesterol medication, or more, that arrive in our homes. Yuck!!
Clean water is what the body needs to keep the organs running smoothly! According to H.H. Mitchell, Journal of Biological Chemistry 158, the brain and heart are composed of 73% water, and the lungs are about 83% water. The skin contains 64% water, muscles and kidneys are 79% water, and even the bones are watery, about 31%. There are so many different types of drinking water in the world these days, but if you aren’t getting the correct type of clean water, you can’t help your body.
Many of you will answer this with I drink bottled water!!! However, much of that is just purified tap water from the soda companies’ factories. On top of that, I am not a fan of plastic. Chemicals leech into our water from those bottles, which leads to multiple other issues on top of the dirty water. Then the second answer is usually Distilled or alkaline pH water, but those might not be the best for you either. These processes can pull necessary minerals out of your bones and neutralize the natural acidity needed for digestion. So, let’s talk about some good waters you can drink. The best types of water will be spring/glacier, well, and mineral water in glass bottles. Gerolsteiner is my current favorite.
Let’s also talk about some good filters you can have in your home! The most popular one out there currently is going to be the Brita filters which help filter out chlorine and fluoride in the water. Fluoride is linked to neurological issues stemming from the fact that what they use is a fertilizer runoff waste product. It is listed as a neurotoxin and banned from the waters in almost all European countries! Fluoride is also linked to hormonal disruptions, such as the increase in estrogen dominance, which can lead to weight gain, migraines, low libido, anxiety, fibroids, and more – in men and women! Another issue with the refrigerator filters is the mold growth inside their lids, so check that! Another good option is HydroViv. They create a filtration system specifically for your area after a quiz and install it under your sink or in the shower!
Drinking clean water is just as important as bathing in it! Therefore, my favorite filter out there, and the one I have in my home, is the AquaOx filtration system. AquaOx removes chloramine, iron, chlorine, lead, mercury, VOCs, hydrogen sulfide, and many others. This system hooks in before your water heater, so you filter your taps, fridge, showers, and tubs.
When you begin to look into taking care of your body, the little things you do every day are just as important as the big steps!
Here is the link for the HydroViv if you’re looking for a starter filter.
Here is the AquaOx if you’re looking for a whole house filter.

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