Let’s Talk About PMS

by | Aug 24, 2021 | Emotional Pillar

Hello, hello!
I want to talk about PMS. Have you heard that everyone has it and it’s a rite of passage. I’m here to tell you that’s WRONG!

I remember my #2 coming home from school and just being an absolute snot then justifying it by saying “I’m on my period”. I quickly responded, “Oh, girlfriend I don’t know who you have been listening to, but we need to talk.”
She was told it was normal to be moody and bitchy around her period by the other girls in the locker room.  I’m here to tell you, honey, that’s not normal or healthy nor a requirement of womanhood.  These are signals your body is sending stating something is wrong, they need to listen to and corrected not justified as “just my luck, female curse”
So what is a normal cycle? You should be able to look down and say, “Oh, it’s been 28-32 days.” That’s it. no pain, no cramps, no mood changes. Nobody else should know unless you tell them.
However, this is not what is being taught. We have gotten into a world where this pain and emotional angst is labeled as “normal” and it is far from it.
Curious about how these hormones should work, want to have a conversation with your OB about your hormonal health, not be dictated to? Want to know how to take charge and CHANGE your hormonal health?  May I suggest my Woman’s Hormones Deconstructed Course? Invite me over for virtual dinner and I’ll share answers with you for this and then for every stage of your hormonal life.

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