Love Languages & Gift Giving

by | May 7, 2021 | Emotional Pillar

Hello, hello!
I want to talk to you about gift-giving. If you are a gift-giver, I applaud you. If not, I hear you and that’s ok! It is definitely a talent that I admire in others!

Not being one who naturally migrates to the gift-giving section or honestly even remembers that people like these. I’ve come up with some quick tricks over the years on how to give the perfect gift.  I look at the five love languages and try to apply those to the person. Is their love language acts of service? Quality time? Words of affirmation? Physical touch? Or do they actually like receiving gifts?

After I answer these questions for myself, it gives me the ability to develop something personal for them and it opens up a whole new world of ideas! So, when you are thinking of a gift for yourself, your daughter, or someone special in your life, think of their love language and try to gift them that.

Need some ideas that are uncommon?  How about 3 of my favorite go-to!

  • Full Of It Cookbook –  Perfect for your the aspiring cook in your life and filled with recipes without all of the B.S.
  • Zkano Socks– These are all organic, crafted in Alabama and sewn in a family shop! These are the best things you will put on your feet!
  • Olive and Sinclair Chocolates and Caramels –  What? There is a chocolate that Dr. J approves of?  YEP and this is it!  AMAZING!
Talk to you soon!

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