Male Hormonal Imbalances Lead to Health Issues

by | Mar 3, 2020 | Emotional Pillar, Environmental Pillar, Nutritional Pillar

Male hormonal imbalances lead to health issues every day in this country. So, let’s talk about the men we love and their health issues. I’ve got some reasons why they’re out of balance and some tips to fix them. Don’t miss the links below the video for more tools to help with this issue!

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Hello, hello! Today we’re going to talk about the men we love. Because we’re starting to see a whole lot of problems with them that honestly aren’t a whole lot of different from the problems we see in women: they’re hormonal issues.

One of the biggest things that I’m constantly teaching is yes, hormones should be at a certain measurement in the body, but they also should be in a certain balance. When we start seeing men get out of that balance, they become estrogen-dominant, just like women become estrogen-dominant.

What are some things that cause this?

Number one, we’ve got a lot of hormones in the water. A lot. And the water companies just simply aren’t being able to filter it out.

Then we’ve got foods that are promoting inflammation, and that promotes a lot of estrogen. So, then we’ve got a situation where insulin is very high. We’re depleting our cortisol and our progesterone. Then our stress levels are through the roof. And men are not necessarily the best at self-care because it’s been so ingrained in them. Provide for the family. Work. Work. Work.

A lot of times, it’s breaking through that training and saying, it’s okay for you to take yoga, it’s okay for you to have a massage, it’s okay for you to relax. These are the things that are bringing your health back in balance. I find that the doctors are just testing the wrong thing, and therefore saying, oh, everything’s okay. Or they’re hodgepodging and putting them on synthetic hormones that drive them further into estrogen dominance and further complicates the problem.

So, what’s our solution?

Number one, get these men on Whole30 because they respond so beautifully well. It is not uncommon for men that I work with to drop anywhere from 20 to 40 pounds that first month. They’re so easy to work with.

Number two, we’ve got to get their vitamin D levels checked, and we’ve got to get their hormones checked to make sure they’re in balance. I can offer you both of those tests.

Then the next part is teaching them that it is okay to relax. It’s okay to take care of themselves. When we add those things in…oh, and the last thing! Get rid of the crap that they’re shaving their face with and putting on as aftershave-lotions. A lot of those actually have synthetic hormones in them. Again, they are blowing their hormone systems, just like I teach women.

Do those steps. You’ll see improvement with your husbands. Talk to you soon.

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