Male Hormonal Imbalances Lead to Health Issues

by | Mar 3, 2020 | Emotional Pillar, Environmental Pillar, Nutritional Pillar

We are starting to see hormonal issues in men that aren’t that different from the hormonal issues we’ve been seeing in women. While we look for specific numbers with hormones, I want to emphasize the importance of also seeing hormones in a specific balance. When we see men start to get out of that balance, they have a tendency to become estrogen dominant just like women.

What are the reasons male hormones are becoming more unbalanced?

  1. Hormones in the water. Water filtration companies are not able to keep up with the high levels of hormones in our public water systems.
  2. Foods. Now more than ever, we have foods and food chemicals available to us that promote inflammation, which increases estrogen. Wheat/gluten, soy, corn, dairy, and non-organic foods are the biggest culprits.
  3. High insulin that depletes our cortisol and progesterone, leaving us more estrogen dominant
  4. High-stress levels
  5. Lack of self-care
  6. Toxic chemicals in skincare and household products. Many contain hormone disruptors and create imbalance.
Often doctors test the wrong hormone or prescribe synthetic hormones that further complicate the problems and get us farther away from the solution. Speaking of solutions, I have one for each of the problems below.
  1. Adding high-level filtration in our homes or finding a good, clean source of spring water can help alleviate this source of hormones.
  2. Start eating clean. Male patients of mine often drop 20-40 pounds in their first month and feel better overall very quickly. Stick to organic foods, go gluten free, soy free, limit your dairy and corn. If you would like support on where to start – check out my 90 Days To Clean Eating Online Course.
  3. Keep daily sugar intake under 40 grams.
  4. Consider ways to reduce and manage stress. Cardio and weight lifting exercise can be excellent for this.
  5. Focus on self-care. Adopt a meditation practice, try yoga, spend time in nature. Create a plan to take a break from work and focus on refilling!
  6. Ditch the normal shaving creams, colognes, and other household products that contain toxic chemicals. I have a whole blog on this with recommendations!
Oftentimes, men have to learn that it is ok to relax, take care of themselves, and take a break. Many men are conditioned to work, work, work and ignore themselves, but this will take a toll in the long run and is overall unhealthy. If you have a working man in your life that struggles to relax, make sure to encourage and even plan ways for him to rest and refill. This benefits everyone!
We need to test men correctly, and you can do this through me and set up a follow-up consultation so that I can explain and develop a specific plan tailored for each individual’s needs to get those hormones back in balance and everyone feeling good!

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