Men, Are You Eating Poison?

by | Jun 13, 2022 | Effects on Men, Nutritional Pillar

Men, I’m talking to you today about a subject on your shoulders that you can fix for yourself and your household.

Wheat. That’s right, wheat. I will provide additional reading and resources for you at the end of this, but you need to know that wheat changed drastically in the 1980s from food into a hybridized form of poison, then was altered again in 2000 to include roundup genetically embedded in each seed so it could be sprayed and harvested with this same chemical and it is harming everyone in your family.

You may be lucky to have a partner who has already eliminated wheat from your house. Pause right now and go thank her. If you’re one of the men who are not on board and creating resistance and giving push-back, I urge you to stop, do the research, and get on board. This is for the good of everyone! This is a tangible, highly effective way for you to care for, love, and support your family.

You may be one of the most common men I witness, which is the kind who is on board at home, but when you’re out and about, you’re still enjoying pizza, fast food, and beer. You may think it’s not a big deal because it’s not at home and not affecting your family, but you are sorely mistaken.

A study was done with a group of women who had celiac disease and personally had eliminated wheat but were still showing inflammation as if they were consuming wheat. Their significant others swigged a beer and then kissed them, and the women with celiac disease showed immediate gut inflammation that lasted up to 6 months. Just from one kiss. When you kiss your partner and exchange other bodily fluids whilst having fun, everything you’ve consumed, including wheat, is a part of that, and you need to protect her from the poison that will cause damage.

Did you know that even without having celiac disease, wheat causes the following…

mood swings
skin issues
hormone imbalance
increase in belly fat (and fat in general)
high blood sugar levels
brain fog
bloating or gas
joint pain

If you have a child struggling with behavior issues or depression, wheat is one of the absolute first foods that must be eliminated. The body does not recognize it as food because it is poison, and the body will fight it—this shows up in several ways, but one of the most common is disruptive behavior.

I challenge you to two things:

  1. Research. Read Grain Brain and Wheat Belly. Talk to me. Educate yourself on wheat and how, when, and why it changed. Give some time and attention to this. Commit to understanding and learning.
  2. Read about Celiac disease and Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity.
  3. Be the leader of your home in this. Commit to no wheat—at home or away.

I realize that making changes in food can be challenging, but it is one of the most tangible, best ways you can love, care for, and protect your family. If you knew your wife and kids were getting poison in another form, you would go to battle to stop it. What you will discover in your research is that they are getting a form of poison by consuming wheat.

Take the lead; stop the wheat. You and your whole family will benefit.

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