Men We Love

by | May 27, 2021 | Structural Pillar

Hello, hello!

I received this question that I thought was so fascinating, I wanted to share it with you all. The question was, “How can I not be my husband’s mother? I want him to take responsibility for his own health.” Well, today I’m going to share some insight from my own life.

My husband will not take anything on his own, but if I hand it to him, he will take anything I give him. I can remember getting really grumbly about that. So, one day I asked him. “Why is it that you won’t do this on your own, but you’ll do it when I hand them to you?” His response: “Because when you hand them to me, I know you still love me and want to see me healthy.”

After this response, I had a complete change in perspective and now when I take my vitamins, I also give him his as a form of love and affection.

Perspective is everything and I encourage you to look at things from a different viewpoint every now and then.

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