Morning Routine for the Kiddos

by | Jun 5, 2021 | Structural Pillar

Hello, hello Dr. J here! I want to talk about morning rituals with your kiddos and also for yourself.

I essentially had two sets of kids – my biggies and my littles. which means I had all of the angst of being a mom in my 20s and all the joy of being a mom in my late 30s.

When I was in my 20s, I consistently thought a lot about what other people would think and I found that this actually affected my morning routine. From how they looked to what they wore- to how good of a mom I was just even getting them out the door.

When my younger children came around, I realized that none of that mattered. We needed to create a household of joy and happiness and over time, my morning routine evolved into something fun and allowed the children to claim responsibility.

Here are a few tips for making those morning routines a little bit easier!


  • Let them get dressed – It doesn’t matter what they wear. If their socks match – great! If not, that’s totally fine too. If you’re a super control freak – only buy them clothes that match everything, but I promise you will miss out on some incredible outfits this way!!!
  • Roll on some oils – Have them roll on some oils like Kid Genius or valor and get their day rolling!
  • Have a toothbrush dance party – Make this a fun part of their day!
  • Say something joyous or grateful – Start their day off with gratitude!
If you start thinking about how to begin the day in happiness, joy, and gratitude,  I think you’ll start to see your morning routine get a lot more fun. Talk to you soon!

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