Moving your Muscles at Any Age

by | Feb 19, 2020 | Structural Pillar

Moving our muscles at any age is how we stay well!

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7-Minute Workout App

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Prefer to read instead of watch? The video transcript is below.

Hello, hello!

We’re going to talk about muscles today from a variety of age groups. We need them, and they need us. We work together.

Our young children aren’t able to get out, climb trees, run, skip, and jump because there’s either too much school or too much work.

And they’re finding that they’re just these little bundles of energy that need to be expressed. So physical activity with our children is of the utmost importance. But I’m seeing it disappear like crazy. I recommend getting out with your kids, playing the old games that we used to play (red light, green light, stop, go). These types of exercises are what we, as women getting older, need to be doing. It’s that starting and stopping exercise that puts us out of breath, but then gives us a short rest time, and then starts again, that’s what keeps us toned.

And as we get older (I’m in my 50s now), and I’m looking ahead because I have an incredible opportunity where there’s 12 years difference between my oldest and my youngest. I remember how I was in my 20s as a mom. And I look at my son. And I want to be just as vibrant in my 50s for him. And let’s not forget about grandkids because I want to see his kids.

And so it’s my responsibility to stay very active, to stay very toned because what we are seeing is, as we get older, we get into this couch potato situation, where we just stop being physical. And we have jobs that are requiring us to sit for eight hours. Our bodies start to shut down.

We produce energy the more we move. So we’ve got to get back into that habit of some sort of movement. Now, that doesn’t necessarily always mean the gym.

Can you do yoga at home? Can you do walking, gardening? What is your passion? What gets you moving? Painting? We need something that moves, especially this upper body. And you can do it so easily.

I just found a great app. It’s called Seven Minutes. And we’ll put the link in for you. But it gives you a full-body workout for seven minutes every single day. Start there. Let that be your gateway into a bigger and better exercise routine.

But the biggest thing that I want to express to you is it does not matter what age you are. If you’re out there in your 60s and 70s, you can still start. Get it going. Get your body moving. And if you’re younger, hey, there’s no excuse. Start working this out beautifully. Talk to you soon. Bye-bye.

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