My Top 5 Web Resources for Learning and Research

by | May 27, 2019 | Emotional Pillar, Environmental Pillar, Nutritional Pillar, Structural Pillar

Learning how to research and educate yourself on natural wellness is fundamental to making permanent lifestyle changes and renewing your health. So where do you go to learn? There are many knowledgeable websites, books, and blogs you can turn to, but I’ve chosen five to get you started!

5. Modern Alternative Mama

Modern Alternative Mama hopes to be a “haven” for the mothers making decisions for their children outside of current normative standards. It’s a place to find support, information and non-judgmental advice for parents on issues like feeding, pregnancy, vaccines and more. With their handy search button, you can look up any topic you want to learn more about. Dads welcome!  

4. All Natural Family Doc

This brand-new site is the visionary work of Dr. Jessica Dietrich-Marsh. Her love for helping people with the core pillars of health and her 25 years of experience in chiropractic led her to develop this video-based site. Her goal is to teach people how to find their health naturally with lots of free content as well as topic-specific courses and custom-made programs available for purchase. You can make an appointment for a free consultation with her today!

3. PaleOMG

Because nutrition is one of my four pillars, I couldn’t have this list without a food resource! The Paleo diet allows you to consume lots of nutrient-dense produce and eat little to none of the contaminated grains that are common in our American diet. PaleOMG is a popular site full of delicious recipes that will feed your body and help you meet your wellness goals.  She also has an amazing Structural Pillar coverage with her Instagram workouts that are easy to do without a gym membership!

2. EWG

The Environmental Working Group’s website describes themselves as “a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to protecting human health and the environment.” The EWG conducts its own extensive research and publishes the results on their website, as well as taking action against industries and government when necessary. But for the knowledge-seeker, EWG offers an extensive list of toxins routinely found in products and food on the market. This is the best site for understanding the ingredients you see on a label so you can decide whether it’s safe to use or not. They have buying and safety guides to help you in choosing produce at the grocery store. EWG also alerts consumers to environmental concerns in the news.    

1.Mercola was founded by Dr. Joseph Mercola, D.O. An osteopathic physician, Dr. Mercola has written several books and appeared on major news networks. His approach to healing focuses on more natural methods and he also advocates for truth and ethical responsibility in the medical community. offers a disease directory, first aid guidance, information on essential oils and more. 

As you lean more into a natural way of regaining your health, I hope you use these sites as resources for education. I’m also here if you need further assistance. Just fill out the Contact Me form below!

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