Coaching for Holistic Doctors


Customized Coaching Program that consists of 4 weekly 30-minute virtual consultations with me that focus around the Four Pillars of Health. A personalized wellness program so that you, as the Doctor, are a happier, healthier version of yourself and better equipped to lead your patients. Then clear concise leadership on how to create the office of your dreams!


For almost 30 years, Dr. Jessica has run an integrative health clinic in Birmingham, AL. Every patient learns that healing comes from addressing one of the Four Pillars of Health: Structure, Nutrition, Emotions, and Environment.

Learning how to address these personally allows you, the practitioner, to be in top physical and mental form. Being able to release your self-limiting beliefs about life is the first step in leading your patients to a healthier best version of themselves.

Each virtual coaching session will cater to your personality and learning style. There will be weekly 30-minute phone calls followed by self-learning. These assignments will be both educational and personal.

Through these sessions we will discover what you are here to design. What life you are ready to co-create? How you can continue to move stronger into the healer you were designed to be.