Essential Wellness Course


  • Saliva and other necessary testing
  • One-on-one consultation with me
  • Four months of in-depth education on the four pillars of health
  • Workbook to convert your knew knowledge into personal tasks

My Essential Wellness Course will turn your health in the right direction and you will see results! You’ll receive a personalized program to suit your specific needs. These services often costs $4,000 or more – don’t miss this life-changing chance at complete health with an expert for a great price!

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My four-month online course will teach you about my four pillars of health. In this course you will receive 4 personal calls from me to help guide you through your personalized wellness program. You will receive year-long access to 45-minute videos that will build upon the foundations of the Independent Package. You will receive blood and saliva testing, which can be collected at a lab close to your home. I will review these tests to identify nutritional deficiencies so that we can incorporate them into your program. The Essential Wellness Course also includes downloadable homework assignments so you can get the most out of your course.