Summer Annoyances

by | May 14, 2021 | Environmental Pillar

Hello, hello!
When you’re out by the pool or enjoying the weather, so are all of the bugs and outdoor summer annoyances! When I was growing up, I was terribly allergic to no-see-ums. They have teeth like alligators, and I would wake up scratching and bleeding.

I eventually got to the point that I didn’t go outside because most of the bug sprays gave me such bad headaches due to the harmful chemicals within them. I eventually just gave up… especially when I moved to the south.
All of that changed when I was introduced to essential oils. I was able to make my own bite spray to calm that itch, and also found I had less and less bites every time I used it!! If you have children that are highly reactive, there is some hope, and you can make this spray at home. Check out my go-to recipe below so you can get back outside, enjoy the weather and enjoy that outdoors!
Dr. J’s Bug Spray:

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