Sunstroke and how it can happen

by | Jul 7, 2021 | Structural Pillar

Hello, hello! Dr. Jessica here.

I wanted to talk to you about sunstroke and how it can happen quickly in the summertime months. Often times when this occurs, there is a good amount of nutrition deficiencies that lead up to you not being able to handle the sun’s rays. A big part of that is actually hydration. A lot of times parents will daily give their kids Gatorades or other sugar sports drinks when in fact these should be saved until you’re had 45+ minutes of consistent, hot sweating activities.

What we need to do is get back to proper hydration through water and salt! There is so much misinformation in the news about salt and how it is bad for you. But when you see this, remember it’s the nonmineral-based Morton salt and not real salts like Redmond’s Salt. It is so easy (and healthy) to put salt like Redmond’s Real Salt into our water and cooking to help with hydration that is effective, clean, and not filled with artificial flavors or ingredients.

In addition to my go-to rehydration recipe, I am also going to include one of my favorite homeopathic remedies if you live in the south. This will be perfect to throw in your bag and get out in the sunshine and soaking up the good vitamin D.

Talk to you soon!

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