Taking Charge of Your Menstrual Cycle

by | Oct 12, 2021 | ANFD

Hello, hello!

I really think women are being sold a crappy story about their reproductive cycles, and I am here to set the record straight. You are an amazing creation that has been blessed with the ability to produce life.  This incredible dance starts when you begin your menstruation.  Menstruation begins on the first day you bleed, which should stop 2-5 days later, and on or about day 14, you will ovulate or release an egg in preparation for the production of a child. If there is no sperm then the cycle starts again after 14 ish more days have passed, for roughly a 28-day cycle.  There are some women that will cycle up to the moon times and find that their cycle comes with the full moon.

There are two types of moon cycles- the white moon cycle and the red moon cycle.

White Moon

  • Bleeding phase (new moon)
  • Pre-ovulation/follicular phase (waxing moon)
  • Ovulation phase (full moon)
  • Pre-menstrual phase (waning moon)
Red Moon
  • Bleeding phase (full moon)
  • Pre-ovulation/follicular phase (waning moon)
  • Ovulation phase  (new moon)
  • Pre-menstrual phase (waxing moon) 
If you are having any sort of pain, horrible cramps, or missing school/work because of your cycle or ovulation pain, don’t you dare take anyone’s statement of “That’s just how it is for some women”! It is time to take charge of your cycle and learn more about what makes you, you. I love to apply my Four Pillars of Health to this one.
  • Structure
    • Get yourself a chiropractor and a functional pelvic floor physical therapist to get your body in alignment. This is foundational for any pain, especially if you have had children or find sex painful.
  • Emotions
    • It is time to change your story about what it means to be a woman. Start by writing down all the “rules” or negative false stories that you’ve been told, and replace them with healthy, functional sexy women menstruating normally into their 50’s. Did you know the longer you ovulate the less chance there is of you getting dementia?
  • Environment
    • Clean up your tampons- change to diva cups or organic pads and tampons.
    • Look at makeup, commercial perfumes, laundry soaps, and dryer sheets that have known endocrine disruptors and start switching those out. I love using Young Living for all of these, in fact, when you want to switch some of your toxins for Young Living products, click here to get started, and then I will send you some happy mail and a complimentary Wellness Assessment so you can know exactly how to care of your health as well.
  •  Nutrition
    • Look to your gut. Many of your hormonal receptor sites are located in your gut, and what you eat matters!  Need more help?  Grab my 90 Days to Clean Eating and watch what happens to your cycle!
Do you love this and want to learn more about your hormones? Look at jumping into my Women’s Hormones Deconstructed course where I walk you through each age category. I look at what’s happening, what’s normal, what’s going wrong, why it is going wrong, and most importantly how to fix it (regardless of age).
The bottom line is that your cycle should be your friend, not your enemy!

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