Jessica Lazarus Carmon

Gains Power to Create Her Life

Dr. Jessica is an extremely talented doctor of chiropractic.  This isn’t news. I have been receiving care from Dr. J for over 5 years now & I have reached a level of heath I didn’t think was possible. The best part is, there is still so much improvement ahead! I didn’t suffer from any serious ailments before I came to see Dr. J. I was like most Americans: tired, depressed, anxious, a little achy every now & then but not ILL. All the doctors I had ever seen told me I was healthy. No tests ever came back negative, so my digestive issues were just a “normal part of life” and my depression was a “chemical imbalance.”  For the majority of people, these statements are true and the end of the conversation. I’m not sure why but I wasn’t able to accept that.  When I met Dr. Jessica I had already cut out gluten from my diet & had quit taking any antidepressants.  I was feeling great but knew I needed ongoing support. Dr. J gave me adjustments and nutritional counseling. The most influential aspect of this care was that she would answer my questions with scientific information. I never was expected to blindly trust her recommendations, but rather to take an active role in this journey & do research, gathering information and arriving at my own conclusions. I take ownership in this effort to achieve better health! With nutritional support and structural support I was making some pretty great breakthroughs.  Dr. J didn’t stop there. Next we integrated emotional support. This is where the magic happens. My emotions have a very powerful physical effect on my body. I’ve always known this but never been able to do anything but react. Dr. J is helping me to identify these emotions and to work through dealing with them. She breaks down this task into practical, easy to follow steps. The best part: she still has SCIENTIFIC information about what is happening in my body.

To be able to tackle my anxiety & depressive tendencies with nutritional support, essential oils, herbal medicine & other natural therapies has helped me take responsibility for my wellbeing. I am no longer powerless against my thoughts & feelings. Dr. Jessica has helped me position myself to use all the resources mother nature has provided to create a truly Healthy & Happy life!

I am forever grateful to Dr. Jessica for showing me that I have the power to create a better life for myself. It all starts with an open mind and a willingness to learn and that all started with a visit to my All Natural Family Doc!

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