The Connection Between Vitamin D, Vitamin K, Insulin, and Your Hormones

by | Oct 5, 2021 | Nutritional Pillar

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Today I want to discuss the importance of Vitamin D. The fun fact on this one is that it’s also a hormone. In fact, it’s the Granddaddy of all hormones within the body.  The lack of Vitamin D is directly linked to 17 cancers (breast cancer being one of those 17), and it is indirectly linked to hundreds more. To say that Vitamin D is an important element to your health is an understatement! The absolute best way to know about this vitally important vitamin/hormone is to do a home test by ordering here, or if you are in Canada order here.  Once you get your numbers back, remember that there is a large discrepancy in where the medical world and the functional wellness world want your numbers to be. Medically they are happy over 30, but we know that if your numbers are over 60, you are immune to many of the viruses going around, some research even says all viruses.  I like your numbers to be around 70-80 for maximum health.

Here is my general guide for what to do once your numbers are known.

I only recommend this brand to super-boost your numbers. Then I like to switch over to StandardProcess Cataplex D or you can stay on 2 drops of the Biotics. There is some research and dialogue currently about whether you can take Vitamin D without Vitamin K, but I tell my patients if you are eating salads and grass-fed meats 3-5 times a week, you do not need Vitamin K. In fact, the Vitamin K that I am seeing being produced is coming from soy. The best options are using non-GMO soy, but still, soy is one of my very big hormonal no-no’s. Because of this, I recommend getting your Vitamin K through food and staying away from any supplementation with Vitamin K added into it.

The other important fact about Vitamin D is that it is inversely related to Insulin. This means if your sugars are high, your Vitamin D will be low. So if you have tried to super-boost your Vitamin D and have gotten nowhere with it, then it is time to look at your diet. I suggest reducing your sugars to under 40g per day. If you need help with this, I got you!  I created 90 Days to Clean Eating just for you– it includes recipes, shopping lists, instructions, a Facebook group and so much more!

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