Hello, hello! Today we’re talking all about the body systems…


We have this whole beautiful machine that keeps us running, but sometimes it will get all confused and I’m going to share with you why. We have doctors for everything – lady doctors, heart doctors, kidney doctors, colon doctors… you name it, we have a different doctor for it. But, what I have found over the years is none of those doctors are actually talking to each other, which is a major issue. Because you can’t alter one part without affecting another.  So, I took the human body into my own hands and created a course that explains how it all works together. This course goes through each of the different body systems, explains them individually, as well as how to coordinate them back together. Plus how to start the repair process when things get off. Ultimately health comes from learning and understanding and this course is the perfect place to do just that. I hope you dive in soon!

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Rewriting Your Story

Rewriting Your Story

Welcome to week three of our Mental Health Awareness month series as explained by my Four Pillars of Health. Today I want to talk to you about emotions.

Over this past decade, I have really dived deep into this. When I look at what is causing most of our health issues, I have found that it is unresolved childhood and early adult trauma.