Vitamin? I don’t think you know what that word means.

by | Sep 4, 2020 | Nutritional Pillar

Do you take vitamin supplements? Let’s talk about the word Vitamin, synthetic supplements, and whole vitamins. Your attempts to be healthy might actually be harming you!


Hello, hello. Today, we’re going to talk about the word vitamin.

When I tell people that we need to boost their immune systems and, possibly, I reference a vitamin, like a vitamin C or vitamin D or vitamin E, what I will always then follow up with is we need to get these items from food. Because when we start to look at what is being sold in the grocery stores, these are actually synthetic, or what we call fragments, of the vitamin. So, it’s not the whole thing.

Fragments vs. whole

What I always will tell my patients is if I make you this beautiful gluten-free apple pie, there are these all these different ingredients that go into it, and it’s baked, and it’s served, and I sliced you a pie, and you’re like, this is amazing. But if I were to go, yeah, I think you just get a teaspoon of salt. I think you just get a teaspoon of flour. You’re going to kind of look at me and go, what is that? And that’s what synthetic vitamins are. They’re fragments of the whole.

Now, here’s the problem. When that fragment gets into your body, your body doesn’t know what to do with that. So, it actually has to recreate the pie to make that work. So when we’re taking super doses of fragmented vitamins, we can actually deplete our body’s nutrition because it’s having to pull and make up for the deficit. This is why we want to be super, super intentional about learning where the foods are that serve our vitamin needs.

And if you really want to dive deep into this, the book that opened my eyes tremendously to this was called “Twinkies Deconstructed.” It’s a little bit of an older book, but it’s written by a food editor, and he actually went into these factories and found where things were being processed.  I’ll give you a little hint on why you want to read this! Soy protein isolate, how many times have you seen that in like a muscle-building shake or even maybe something you’ve given your kids and thought, oh, soy isolates, it’s such a good thing. Yeah, it’s PVC pipe precursor material. It’s not even real. And so there’s a lot of misconceptions and labeling laws that just aren’t being applied to certain vitamins.

Herbs as an option

Now, another really great alternative is also herbs. Herbs are an incredible way to get certain vitamins into our systems. We have to learn how to look at brands, are they organic, is the soil organic, are they grown properly to actually have a physiological effect on the body?  We have to learn how to look at vitamins and know where they come from, is this plant or was it created in A plant. Two companies that I trust completely for my supplements and herbs are Standard Process and Mediherb You can check them out HERE

So bottom line if you are reading about how good vitamins are I will really encourage you to look at the vitamin that you’re trying to support yourself with and then go find the food that it is in, because your body can use that 100%. And it’s going to serve you well.  THEN if you need to supplement to help repair a health issue check out Standard Process. They have kept my family and patients healthy for over 20 years. Plus you can always fly to Wisconsin and see the farm your product is growing at!

Talk to you soon. Bye-bye!

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