Hello, hello! Let’s talk about MTHFR. Now you might ask what it stands for, methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase but to be honest, MTHFR is just incredibly easier to say, and all it explains is a genetic snippet that causes a variety of health issues.


When I first started practicing, we didn’t know exactly what MTHFR was. Now we do and to shortly put it, it means that you do not detoxify the same way that everyone else’s body does. The great news is, my treatment over the years hasn’t changed. For the treatment of MTHFR,  I traditionally focus on my environment and nutrition pillars from the Four Pillars of Health. These two pillars are instrumental in making sure your body is operating optimally.

Environment – Our environments are filled with SO many toxic ingredients. From makeups to lotions, deodorants, and perfumes – they are packed full of junk that interestingly enough in the States, the last time personal care products were regulated was in 1938. 80 plus years ago, so who knows what is really being added in today.  To add to this, only 30 chemicals have currently been banned vs 1,382 chemicals in the European Nations.  It is incredibly important to personally research personal care products, and know each of the ingredients, especially in our children! This is a huge reason we are seeing symptoms related to exhaustion within the digestion and adrenal systems of the body.  When you consider the added complication of MTHFR, these harmful ingredients create toxicity that can sometimes be hard to manage. I like to explain what happens next like a garbage truck and my video above goes in-depth with this analogy.

Nutrition – In addition to cleaning up what we use on our skin on a daily basis, nutrition is also an integral part of taking care of MTHFR. Store-bought food is packed with so many artificial flavors, colors and ingredients. Don’t even get me started on store-bought vitamins. In short, they are made out of so harmful ingredients such as coal. I encourage you to toss out the store-bought vitamins and get back to eating whole and nutritious foods. A great place to start is cruciferous vegetables. They are packed full of nutrients that are essential to helping your liver. So clean up your diet and add in these vegetables to help heal your body the most!

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