What to do (and how to Rehab your Gut) when Diarrhea Hits

by | Jul 16, 2020 | Nutritional Pillar, Structural Pillar

There are three common reasons for diarrhea and I’ve got some tips for getting back to normal fast… the natural way!


Hello, hello.

Today, we’re going to talk about something very serious. When stuff is coming out of your behind way too fast.

I mean, is there really a polite way of saying that? There’s not. So, if you find that you are running to the toilet and you can’t quite keep it in or maybe there’s been some errors, or maybe it’s your kids. Those are never fun diapers to clean up.

Let’s be real. I was never so happy to have all of mine potty trained as when I knew I was never going to have to clean up somebody else’s stuff.

But let’s talk about why that happens.

Immune Stressors

Now, number one, one of the most common reasons is food poisoning. And in reality, we need to get that out, and we need to get that out really fast.

Then we can have some sort of viral or bacterial infection, some sort of immune stressor.

And then third, you’ve eaten something you shouldn’t have eaten, and it just hit the exit cargo button really fast.

Supporting Your Gut

So, the first step is to kind of figure out what is it that I’ve done here? Have I poisoned myself? Have I caught something? That helps direct us where to go.

Step one that we want to look at is (if it’s a type of food poisoning), you want to get activated charcoal or digize essential oil like very fast, very quickly. It’s something that will get into your intestines, it’ll start to bind that poison, and it will start to get out very, very quickly. Now, sometimes that can lead to some constipation, so maybe you want to increase your fermented foods, maybe you want to increase your beets. Eat things that naturally get your colon cleaned out and moving.

So if it’s food poisoning, we want to get after that fast because it can take six to eight months to recover from a bout of food poisoning.

You’re going to want to look at fermented foods. Give your gut a break. Let it spend 10, 12, 16 hours without any food. You’re going to want to look at bone broths, you’re going to want to look at a lot of probiotics. Here is how you can make Bone Broth

And when I say a lot, I’m not just talking about maybe one or two. If we’ve got food poisoning, you need to be putting six, 12 down there, sometimes every hour to get that really combatted.

Let’s say it’s an immune stressor…

We need to really look at increasing our vitamins. And when I say the word vitamin, I want you to think food because vitamins are just a synthetic creation that you can buy at a drugstore, and they’re not necessarily what your body is really needing. So, we want to look at foods that are very high in vitamin A, very high in vitamin C, and those are going to be sweet potatoes and a lot of the fruits. Giving your body what it needs to combat infection is how we’re going to deal with that.

And then if it’s just straight food, like if you’re battling this all the time, then you’ve got to change your diet. My 90 Days To Clean Eating online course is a great option if you are not sure where to start cleaning up your diet. 

Talk to you soon.

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