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by | Oct 31, 2022 | Environmental Pillar

The traveling season is here in full swing! From running over town to get presents to flying to the in-laws, we’re all going to be in full “chicken with their head cut off” mode. But I have some quick and easy tips that will help you ensure to take care of yourself to the best of your abilities while handling the busy holiday season.

Traveling is one of my all-time favorite things. There is something magical about meeting new people, experiencing life that is different from your own, and seeing the beauty of the world from another lens. But, as we all know, there has been such fear in the world around people and traveling recently. I have created a list of non-negotiable things leading up to and during my travels.

Boosting your body’s natural minerals and vitamins with supplements is vital to ensure healthy mucus membranes in the eyes, ears, and lungs before going around everyone else’s germs. For the week or two leading up to my trip, I will increase my Vitamin D. Vitamin D will help prepare the body for immune system changes, decrease cortisol levels, and prepare your cells for travel. I will take roughly 75,000 Iu daily, especially if you’re going to be around lots of people in small spaces like trains and planes. The second thing I do is increase my Congaplex. If I’m concerned about what I could catch or where I will be, I will apply ImmuPower on the back of my head and wrists. This will help give a sense of peace throughout your body. And no matter what, I will ensure I am getting adjusted right before and right after my travels boosting my immune system tenfold and helping with the physical stress on my body during the journey.

Now while I’m out traveling, I tend to get headaches fairly quickly from the toxic scents of the world. Toxic smells swell your sinuses when inhaled, creating incredibly unpleasant pressure. Things like fragrance plug-ins/ smell sticks are always removed immediately upon getting to the Airbnb, and I put them either in the garage or outside on the porch. I have even been known to travel with a king-sized top sheet that I will put on top of the beds/ couches to separate me from the fabric softeners and Febreze smells. Something I never travel without is going to be my ComforTone. I don’t know about you, but I get a little stranger danger with traveling toilets… and I need to be able to go on the go! Keeping the colon flushed out, and healthy will keep your immune system running and your mental space clear. You have to use the restroom every day! You take your trash out daily; why would you do anything different for your body? The last thing I don’t leave home without is going to be a happy oil. Joy is my favorite, inciting a joyful outlook on the world and the trip that you’re taking! Another good oil to take with you is Citrus Fresh. Those will help your brain stay alert and keep a positive attitude about you.

Using these quick and simple tips over the years has made travel much more fun! Knowing what you are up against and solutions to fix it are what we are all about! I created a quick link for you to check out and add these to your travel bag today!

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