Why Dairy Foods are Bad News for our Health

by | Jul 9, 2020 | Nutritional Pillar

Dairy issues could be the reason behind chronic illness! Hear why I don’t recommend dairy and learn alternatives.

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Hello, hello.

We’re going to talk about dairy products today because it’s something that I go after a lot. And so many times, people go, why? Why do you hate dairy?

The first step: there are multiple reasons why I really dislike dairy.

First of all, for your health. It is a mucus producer. It’s going to make sinuses, ear infections, throat, lungs, and stomach not work quite as well. It tends to trap the mucus, so it’s going to trap infections. And we’re just more susceptible to being very, very ill.


Personally, until I found that out, I was running sinus infections on almost a monthly basis. And I was on antibiotics. It was just horrible all the time. At one point, I was put on preventative antibiotics, so I just wouldn’t get sick.

All these things I’ve learned about throughout my health journey. And it wasn’t until somebody said, hey, did you know that milk might cause that? Then I put it down, and lo and behold, all of it went away. Been repeated so many times over the years with my patients.


But then we got to talk about how it’s being produced. And it’s not Bessie the cow in the front yard being milked by her loving family and the milk being brought in. It’s very commercialized. There’s a tremendous amount of antibiotics and steroids that are being put into growth hormones and then injected into the cows.

They’re not living really fantastic lives, and so many of them are very, very sick, and they can’t produce more than what they have. And that is the biggest thing that I talk about. You can’t expect a sick animal to give you a health product. It just doesn’t work that way.


And so for me, when you look at the pros and cons (and there are so many better alternatives), we can make our own nut milks. We can do organic; that’s at least a step up. We can look at goat or sheep. Other animals do produce milk. But above all, we’re kind of like the only species around that drinks another species’ milk. So that’s a little bizarre too, let’s say. You never see a giraffe walk up to a lion and ask for a hit, right?

Let’s just think about this a little bit differently. Let’s maybe make our own milks, or maybe see how you can just step away from the milk altogether and see how your health improves.

Talk to you soon. Bye-bye.

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