Why You Need Brain Food

by | Jul 4, 2022 | Nutritional Pillar, Structural Pillar

I am thrilled to bring you to a project that I have worked on for several years! EpiMatter, your Brain Food that Works.

As you know, my healing modalities are based on my Four Pillars of Health – Structure, Emotions, Environment, and Nutrition. With my Emotional Pillar, I am consistently looking for methods of helping people change their emotional states faster. In this, I began to look for a link connecting all of the brain’s functions and their resulting chemistry. This led me to discover a mineral component found in granite rock, seawater, mineral springs, and soil that was initially one of the first three components that made life on earth and also happened to be found in all of our human tissue. With more research, I discovered that our brains depend on this mineral specifically for neurotransmission, grey matter growth, and actual protection of the brain itself.

So, to make this super simple to understand, for your brain to create positive emotions or stories about your life, support your physiology, balance your hormones, repair head trauma/concussions, and any emotional trauma, this mineral is necessary to get that process started optimally.

You may be asking what happened to this mineral? Why are we now deficient? Two answers. Water-purifying plants filter this out, and over-farming has destroyed our soil, leaving this mineral no longer present in our day-to-day practices.

Two years ago, I brought this into Health inc., and immediately I began to see profound impacts. Parents saw their children’s behavior and moods regulate. Teens began experiencing balanced perspectives and walking out of months-long depressive states. Those struggling with ADHD and sleep issues saw vast improvements. Patients struggling with addiction discovered sobriety became much more manageable. Brain fog lifted. These are just a few of the incredible testimonies we were getting, so I decided that it was time to bring EpiMatter to you!

As I have taught you, ingredients matter. With EpiMatter, I searched long and hard with our development team to bring you the cleanest Brain Food possible. We also learned that not all companies would put the same amount of the supplement in each pill, which explains the up and down days with many products. We have a guaranteed 10mg with each capsule. We also formulated our product with no fillers, colors, or flavors. I am proud to say our Third-Party Testing also ensures our product is 100% free of Gluten, Pesticides, Soy, Dairy, and GMO Ingredients. We are the only product on the market that can say this.

But our team didn’t stop there. For our packaging, we decided to go with something environmentally friendly instead of another plastic bottle that ends up in the trash. Each package is recyclable, resealable, and comes with 90 vegan capsules.

In just a few months since release, hundreds of people have reported remarkable changes while taking EpiMatter, and most experience results in a matter of days. Anger outbursts with children decreasing, brain repair from addictions (it’s never too late!), food cravings becoming more manageable, memory improvement, mood boosts, improved sleep, PTSD becoming more manageable, improvement in symptoms after a concussion, ADD/ADHD symptom improvement, improvement in cases of cognitive decline, reduced inflammation, hormones balancing, and migraines disappearing.

The more research and testing we did with this mineral, we learned that less is more when it comes to allowing the body to absorb it properly. We recommend starting at one capsule per day and 1/2 a capsule if under eight years old. You can safely move to 2 per day and 1 for children if you need. Capsules can also be easily opened and placed in water or any organic juice if swallowing pills is not a skill yet acquired.

The human body is a profound miracle that thrives when given all it needs naturally as it was designed to function fully. Our brains are starved for this mineral, and we see that it can repair faster and function optimally once receiving this regularly. My team and I have loved the journey we have been on to bring you EpiMatter, your Brain Food That Works, so you can nourish your brain with what is essential to thrive and maintain balance.

EpiMatter is profoundly impacting the day-to-day lives of so many people and just with the simple restoration of a vital mineral to the body. EpiMatter is a fantastic tool for everyone as it supports the brain at all ages. To read detailed stories from real people who have been using EpiMatter, click here

Love research more than testimonials? I got you! Many PubMed studies show mood improving and stabilizing effects, treatment and preventative impacts for those with dementia, an increase in longevity, and support for overall improved human behavior. You’ll be able to read the specific studies here. And, we are constantly adding more, click here

We are excited to hear how you and your family enjoy EpiMatter, your Brain Food That Works! Grab your bag or bundle of bags today! Order here!

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