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Remove toxins in your home environment to heal.


Healthy food leads to a healthy mind and body.

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Dr. Jessicca’s Blog

COVID-19 Fear Comes Down to Belief: the Germ VS Host Battle

COVID-19 Fear Comes Down to Belief: the Germ VS Host Battle

COVID-19 fear exposes our beliefs about diseases, what causes them, and how to prevent them. Are we fearful or confident? I, for one, am confident. I know I have informed beliefs about disease and I’m using my four pillar method to keep my family and myself well....

Naturally Protecting Yourself and Your Family from EMFs

Naturally Protecting Yourself and Your Family from EMFs

EMF protection has never been more critical than it is right now. Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) are energy sources that emanate from electrical and electronic devices. They consist of both electric fields (EF) and magnetic fields (MF), and they can be classified into...

Navigating the Landscape of Dairy Varieties

Navigating the Landscape of Dairy Varieties

Got milk? It's an exciting time to be alive to witness such a variation in kinds of milk! Today, I aim to clarify the types of milk available to you and their impacts on the body. Nut Milk   Nut milk can provide an excellent option for those looking to limit...

How to Easily Take Supplements

How to Easily Take Supplements

Learning how to swallow supplements can be challenging, but various techniques can help make the process easier. Here are ten ways to learn how to swallow pills: The Water Bottle Method: Fill a water bottle, place the supplement on your tongue, and then close your...

Success Stories

Garrett Gunderson

I actually got denied life insurance as a young man.  After working with Dr. Jessica, that changed drastically.

Success Stories

Jessica Lazarus Carmen

To be able to tackle my anxiety & depressive tendencies with nutritional support, essential oils, herbal medicine & other natural therapies has helped me take responsibility for my well being.  I am no longer powerless against my thoughts & feelings.

Success Stories

Paige Dykes

I feel empowered to take care of my family in every way.

Success Stories

Michele Yarbrough

I feel better than I have in years and I have a support system through her office like I have never had before.  Health is not a one size fits all system and having someone that not only understands this but embraces it has made a complete difference in my life.