90 Days to Clean Eating


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Making strides toward wellness, but still need to work on food?
Go from junk food binging to Clean Eating in just 90 days!

Balancing Female Hormones (at every stage of life)


Balancing Female HormonesIn this three-hour course, you’ll learn the significant hormones in your body, how they work together, and how they function in each phase of a woman’s life. Be empowered to support your hormone health through all four pillars of wellness!

Secret to A Successful Life Course


Dr. Jessica teaches the secret to a successful life in her latest talk at the 2019 Young Living Live Your Passion Rally.

The Body System Series

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price varies per course

The 12 body systems explained in short, accessible videos. Each course offers bonus tools and videos. You can also find my popular Body System Master Course here!