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A simple five-letter, one-syllable word with such colossal meaning. 

When a patient commits to an appointment with me, I know the courage it takes to bring your issues to yet another doctor, hoping maybe this one will be different and listen and maybe, just maybe, this one will give us some answers.

I take great pride in my coaching being different, our approach, our paperwork, our testing, and my team. When you start with me, I want to know about you, how your stressors are, your marriage, your family, job, are you sedentary or exercising every day at 5 am? It is these small items that, many times, I have found clues to helping clients the most.

We have clients from newborns whose parents wish to give them the best right from the start to severe illnesses who are looking for a natural way of care.

Whatever has brought you here, Welcome. Expect Miracles, We Do.

If you have questions, please text us using the chat widget in the bottom right corner. One of our team members will get back to you shortly.

When we accept a client, we take them into our practice family. We don’t accept everyone, only those we feel we can help attain a significant amount of their health goals and are ready to do the work. Unlike most doctors who look to dismiss you once they have solved your primary objective, we look to build a relationship with you to be more of a preventative practitioner altering our care as your health changes and what you wish to obtain changes.

I will give you an example: One client had massive hormonal issues that we quickly resolved. Upon asking about her next health goal, she mentioned having marital trouble that she felt was due to hormones, but now she wondered if it was something else. Our care transitioned into teaching personality styles, identifying traumas, and clarifying their strengths and weaknesses. We developed emotional homework and a modified supplement schedule to balance the adrenals and restore communication. Marriage is doing great, and we check in quarterly to adjust her new health goals. Your wellness goals are possible, and we show you how to achieve those.

Talk soon – Dr. Jessica

To get started: Please open the appropriate form below on a computer only, fill out the editable fields and save. Once forms are filled out and emailed in, you can schedule an appointment. 

Please email the completed form no less than 24 hours ahead of your appointment date to me at

Please note that forms must be filled out on a computer for fields to be editable. If you do not have a computer, please print documents and scan them to email or mail them back to us. If your child has hit puberty or menstruation, please have them personally fill out the ADULT forms.

The body is perfectly made to self-heal. We support that natural ability by listening and responding.

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