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Heard of clean eating but never tried it before?

Converted to clean eating, but life got the better of you, and you need a reset?

You’ve already made changes to live healthier, but you’re still struggling with the food part. You’re not alone!

Whatever your situation, this course will get you detoxed and eating clean, nutritious foods in just 90 days!


In three short months, you’ll have:

  • Well-Functioning Gut
  • Stronger Immune System
  • Less Brain Fog
  • Less Depression/Anxiety
  • Better Sleep
  • More Energy
  • Livelier Libido
  • And a Healthier Weight!

90 days to a whole new level of WELLNESS to support your journey through life!

How does the course work?

I know you’re busy and have lots of decisions to make every day, so I did the meal planning part for you! I’ve designed 12 weeks of meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack ideas) so you don’t have to! I even provide the grocery list each week and a list of staples you need in your pantry. No meal planning!

I’m also going to TEACH not only YOU, but your kids too! Every month will have a new nutritional focus with an educational video and tools to support your understanding of WHY clean eating works. There’s even a video you can play for the kids, so they know it’s a real doctor asking them to eat their dinner.

You’ll also receive a journal to record your progress, take notes on your favorite recipes, and help you process your feelings about the changes you’re making.

In MONTH ONE, we’re going to start with an overhaul of your kitchen. You’ll go through the pantry and the fridge and throw out the worst items and replace them with new staples. You’ll also explore the emotional aspect of why we choose the foods we do, looking for patterns and motivations. Then we’ll move on to some recipes and meal ideas that are simple and clean. They will be as family-friendly as possible!

In MONTH TWO, you’ll go from eating fast food and toxic chemicals to eating organic produce, healthy fats, low sugar foods, and gluten-free grains. We’ll look deeper into grain alternatives and beverage choices.

In MONTH THREE, you’ll focus on some more specific food groups to see if you need to eliminate something entirely from your diet, such as wheat, dairy, or corn. I’ll teach you how to convert recipes so you can cook almost anything and keep it healthy!