Concussion Protocol


Have you or a loved one experienced a concussion, bump on the head, or whiplash?

Any injury to the head can affect the functionality of the brain. Repeated injuries can build and cause more issues. It is vital to support the brain as it heals, to know what action steps to take, warning signs to look for and which food or products are the most beneficial during the healing process.

With this download, you will be guided through action steps for improving your brain’s healing, my top recommended products and warning signs to be aware of.

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This PDF is a deep dive into how to heal your brain from a concussion or head injury. Learn what to do post-concussion, warning signs to look for, which companies & products I recommend, how to use the products, and suggestions that are especially helpful for relieving pain and discomfort. Even if you have never been diagnosed with a concussion, this is a great PDF for you to have on hand for supporting the brain after any type of bump on the head, slip, or fall.

If you are dealing with post-concussive syndrome this is a great start to begin healing as well.

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