Modern wheat vs. ancient grains: Inflammation and how you can heal

by | Nov 30, 2020 | Nutritional Pillar

I’ve got the details on wheat and how you can test your tolerance.

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Hello, hello.

Today, we’re talking about wheat. A lot of people are saying, “hey, wheat’s been around forever. Why do you hate it so much?” Controversy. Let’s get it out on the table.

Wheat has been around forever, but it got radically changed twice between 1980 and 2010.

Genetic changes

During those years, we started to see some genetic changes occur to wheat. Then we started to see some DNA changes, and then we saw the addition of roundup, which is now called glyphosate, into the wheat seed. If you need more information on this, there’s two great books that dive deep into this.

One is called Grain Brain, which is written by a neurologist. One is called Wheat Belly that is written by a cardiologist. These two books go into it. Very well referenced. So, if you need all that information, get those two books.

New wheat

But what we’re going to just briefly touch on is why when people go and get wheat – today’s bread, pastas, things of that nature – even if they’re getting the organic wheat, if it does not say ancient grain, then you’re still getting the new wheat, which is not even compatible with our gut at all.

And so when people go to other countries, they’re getting the ancient grain, so they find that they can eat the wheat, they can eat the bread, they can eat the pasta, they can eat the pizza with zero problems. But they come back here to the States, and they have huge massive problems.

That’s why. Our country uses the new adulterated wheat. And so one of the best things that you can do for your family is just literally get rid of all of it for about 90 days. Because what we see with work on celiacs, people who cannot eat wheat or they’re going to get colon cancer guaranteed is that the inflammation from wheat stays in the system for up to six months.

Detox takes time

So sometimes when people say, oh, I tried that diet change, and that didn’t help. And my first question is, how long did you give it? And sometimes, it’s a week. Sometimes, it’s for two weeks. Sometimes, it’s a month, and they think that’s really good, and that is.

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