5 Tips for a Healthy Immune System

by | Apr 13, 2020 | Nutritional Pillar, Structural Pillar

A healthy immune system is your best defense. I’ve got five foundational tips for boosting yours!

Hello, hello. Today, we are going to talk about the top five tips for a healthy immune system. Now, this is different from boosting your immune system when we’ve got a crisis going on. These are action steps that you can do every single day to keep your immune system performing beautifully.


Number one, I’m going to invite you to get a wellness chiropractor. One of the things our profession has done a very poor job of is letting people know we have specialties just like medicine. There are some of us that love to take care of children. Some of us do nothing but wellness. Some of us do workman’s comp, low back pain. We’re each a little bit different.

So, I invite you to call and interview your docs. If you need help with that, just comment below. We’ll help you find somebody great. When you get adjusted on a regular basis, your body and its nervous system operate at a prime level. For example, I’ve been adjusted no less than every two weeks for the last 30 years. We’re not falling susceptible to (nervous system) miscommunication and possibly allowing a new challenge to sink in.


The other thing that we can do is take a hard look at the insulin and the sugars that we are eating. We know research shows that when we have sugar, it actually slows down and sometimes even stops the immune system for functioning for up to hours at a time. We’re in a season where a lot of people are sick, then we’re sneezing or coughing, and we’re surrounded by germs. Always remember, it’s not the germ, it’s the host.

I want to make this really clear, simple steps to make the host stronger so that they can battle off and not be susceptible to the germs that are around us all the time. By keeping our insulins very low, (for children, it’s 20 grams or below, and for adults, it’s about 45 grams and below), we find our immune system stays extremely high. That includes drinks, food, and even fruit.

Vitamin D

The other thing is knowing what your vitamin D levels are. This is a blood test you can get at your doctor’s office. If you need a kit sent to your home, we can do that for you. But knowing what your vitamin D levels are is essential to your health because vitamin D is not only an immune support, but it’s also a hormonal precursor. So, when our vitamin D is low, we are actually more susceptible to viral infections. Still, we also can’t produce our hormones. So, what happens is we end up with PMS, and we end up with thyroid issues. We end up with bone issues, tremendous bone issues. I really encourage you to know what your vitamin D levels are and keep those well above the 60 range in your blood work.

Essential Oils

Then, of course, we can add in essential oils, and we talk about those having a front and center place in our wellness toolbox. Using those herbs that are kind of compacted in those little bottles, putting it alongside your spine, diffusing them, really helps keep the immune system nice and strong. So those are the five tips that I would love to share with you to be able to keep your immune system doing great every single day.

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